Pyramid - 1 Pound .9999 Fine Bismuth Art Bar - Natural Toning - Spinner

Grimm Metals


For those of you who want your .9999 Bismuth bullion with a little extra style we have a beautiful Pyramid spinner bar. Each bar is individually poured by hand, using a special temperature controlling technique that causes the top of the bar to get a natural golden color with a rainbow splash focused on the center. The bottom of the bar becomes a beautiful green tone with splashes of other colors as the oxygen oxidizes on it. Because Bismuth is one of the few metals that expands instead of contracts as it solidifies, it is left with a small natural bump on the bottom which makes it a beautiful balanced spinner. All bars are double weighed with a high precision scale and each will average between 1.000 - 1.100 Pound. Please note that if you attempt to polish the bar in any way you will remove the colorful toning. Each bar will have different toning, the vibrancy of the colors change at different angles and lighting conditions.