Advanced Prepper Pack Plus

Grimm Metals


This is a great pack of easily tradable and storable precious metals at an affordable price. The advanced plus pack includes:

(20) 1 Grain .999 Fine Silver Bars
(5) 5 Grain .999 Fine Silver Bars
(5) 1/4 Grain 24K Gold Bars
(5) 1/2 Grain 24K Gold Bars
(1) 1 Grain 24K Gold Bar
(1) 2 Grain 24K Gold Bar
(1) 3 Grain 24K Gold Bar
(5) 1/4 Grain .999 Fine Platinum Bars
(5) 1/2 Grain .999 Fine Platinum Bars
(1) 1 Grain .999 Fine Platinum Bar
(1) 5 Grain .999 Fine Platinum Bar
(1) 1/10 Gram ,999 Fine Platinum Bar

This pack gives you a variety of highly valuable metals in a recognized, and easily tradable form. Each card is it's own certificate of weight and purity, and is only around the size of a standard credit card or drivers license. Buy one of the sample packs first if you would like to see the quality before buying one of our larger packs. Holding a wide variety of physical precious metals is the best way to protect your buying power in an uncertain economy, these come in a form that makes it incredibly easy to trade for every day goods when access to paper and digital money are unavailable. They easily function as smaller and larger denominations of currency. Everything is packaged and shipped securely and is insured.