10 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Zinc Bullion Bar - Premium Mirror Finish

Grimm Metals


This is the premium version one of our 10 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Zinc Bullion Bars. It has been hand poured, hand stamped, and hand polished to a mirror shine. The process to produce just one of these bars takes over an hour and involves taking the bar all the way from a 40 grit finish to a 15,000+ grit finish. The bar is then given a high quality polish and buffed to the perfect shine. The process adds a significant premium over our standard bullion bars, but we know there are those out there who want to add the best to their collection. Since these are hand poured and polished bars they may still retain some of their original pour lines. These are made to order, so larger orders will take more time than usual to produce. All bars are double weighed with a high precision scale and each will average between 312 - 325 grams.