April 13 - 2021
Hello all! we have finished and shipped the new custom channel bars for Pirate Stackers YouTube channel. Look how great they turned out! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe! Things have calmed down a bit so if you have written an email and haven't got a response yet expect one today. We are running a 25% off coupon code all of our products in our copper section. Just use the code "COPPER" at check out. It does not stack with any of the volume discounts but this would be a great time to get a variety of different copper products and get a nice chunk knocked off of the whole price. The next big project that we are starting today is a large re-order shipment to our seller in Spain. Items that we are low on and will be pouring today are: 5 Troy Ounce Lead bars, 1 Troy Ounce Lead bars, 1 Pound Zinc Bars, 5 Troy Ounce Zinc Bars, 1 Troy Ounce Zinc Bars, 1 Pound Bismuth Bars, and 1 Troy Ounce Indium Bars. so if any of those are out of stock or low on stock expect them to be restocked very soon!