OCTOBER 17 2021
Hey everyone! we released our first little video just sort of testing out YouTube as a platform. ( check it out below ) Our goal is to just show everyone what goes into making some of our products, People get the misconception sometimes that we are a big company with large warehouses and shipping facilities. Nope, we are a very small family business. Your base metal bullion is poured, stamped, polished, packed, and shipped by less people than you have fingers on one hand ;-) We just work hard and love what we do. So if you put in a massive order for hand poured bars don't be surprised if it takes a little longer to ship. A lot of work goes into your bars and we treat every single one like we want it to be perfect. 
A few issues have cropped up. Some of you may have dealt with them and some of you may have not but we are aware. First, our quantity discounts for some items and customers do not seem to be registering at checkout. It seems completely random and we haven't figured out why it happens. We have caught it every single time a person puts in an order and should have received a discount. typically within 5 minutes we get a refund back to them for the amount that they should have saved. We are talking to the people who manage our quantity discount program to see what might be going on. Rest assured if you put in an order and you should have got a discount for ordering for example 5 Indium bars, but you didn't, we will catch it and refund you.
Second, we are now aware that a ton of our incoming personal emails are getting routed to our spam folder. The vast majority of our work is not on the computer and website, it is in the shop and packing room. So we are pretty sure we have missed a ton of emails from people. We understand how frustrating it can be to write with a request or a question and not get a response. We are currently going through our spam folder and attempting to respond to everyone's emails even if they are from weeks ago. We get a massive amount of email every day so it will take awhile but we will try to get to them all and catch up. Thanks everyone for the patience. Christmas is coming up and things are going to get hectic. The busier things get trying to keep up with a flood of incoming orders the harder it can be to keep up with emails but we will do our best. Thanks everyone and have a great week. Looking forward to putting out some new videos :-)