The new 10 Troy Ounce Tin, Lead, and Zinc bars are now available. Let us know what you think. We have been selling our unique Bismuth crystals like crazy! Thanks again to Wild West Stacker for turning our material into little masterpieces. We are clearing out all of our out of stock crystals, adding brand new ones, and now that we have our new redesigned bars we will be working to restock our discounted "full set" options for each metal. We are almost done with some new Silver art bars. Believe it or not they take a long to time to produce by hand, that's why they end up a bit pricey, but trust us, you get what you pay for ;-) We will have them up next Sunday and following that we will be focusing on expanding on our Indium products. The Holidays are just around the corner and we can't wait to surprise you ladies and gentleman with some great new products. Cheers!