Bi-Metal .999 Fine Copper & Silver Round

Grimm Metals

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We have been playing around with the idea of creating some limited edition hand made Copper and Silver Bi-Metal coins. This is the first prototype coin that we created to see if it would be possible and we think it turned out looking great! The center is 1 gram of .999 Fine Silver surrounded by .999 Fine Copper. The total weight of the coin is 12.6 Grams and is approximately the size of a U.S. Half Dollar.  The center piece has a sunburst on the front and a makers mark, purity, and metal mark on the back. The copper portion has Celtic knots and petal bursts on the front and has been given a ball point hammer texture. The entire coin has been polished to a near mirror shine. There is only one of these prototypes available and it may be awhile before we do our limited edition Bi-Metal run, so grab this while you can!