Dual Set - .999 Fine Copper & Brass Art Bars - Hand Poured & Hand Stamped

Grimm Metals


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This is a beautiful set of .999 Fine Copper and Pure Brass art bars. The Copper bar weighs 594 Grams and the Brass bar weighs 589 Grams for a total weight of over a Kilo. Almost a weeks worth of expert craftsmanship went into producing this one of a kind set. They have been hand poured and hand stamped with a pattern of hundreds of strikes. The pattern includes Flowers, Sunbursts, Fleur De Lis, Iron Crosses, Celtic Knots, and more. Both bars have a matching pattern. They have been marked with weight, purity, metal, and a makers mark. Both bars have been slow polished in a jewelers grade machine for over 24 hours a piece. They have a high shine and still retain all of their natural pour lines. This is the only set that exists so if you love them, get them while they are available!